Clean System

Detailed Standards
Detailed Standards
Definition of solicitation

Solicitation refers to all expression of intention by the solicitor, including requests that may affect the work and decisions of Company executives or employees for the purpose of his/her or other people’s gains.

Standards for determining fairness that affects the work or decision making
  • - Creates an atmosphere of sincerity and transparency by having Company executives and employees conscientiously report solicitations they have received.
  • - The fact that they have reported the solicitation is deemed voluntary and the person reporting is exempt from liability for problems and responsibilities to protect good employees.

Scope of matters subject to recommendation/solicitation report
  • - As the Clean POSCO System was developed to prevent misconduct due to solicitation, we have expanded the scope of solicitation beyond that specified by law as an expression of our willingness to prevent anything that could undermine fairness.
  • - When it is unclear whether something is deemed as solicitation or as a normal business activity, in principle, such cases must be reported on the system by 100% without making a decision on whether the case is in fact solicitation or not.
  • - Any executive or employee who does not report the case even if he/she was aware that it is recommendation/solicitation may face severe sanctions by the HR.

Processing recommendation/solicitation reports

Results of a recommendation/solicitation must be managed separately by relevant departments, such as HR and purchasing, and penalties may be imposed on relevant employees and/or companies.