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Our Vision and Strategy for Mutual Development


To secure global competitiveness by establishing a supply chain.

Basic Principle

· To build a fair and transparent relationship.
· To pursue long-term improvement of competitiveness instead of short-term profit.
· To cooperate in a way that is mutually beneficial and can be maintained in a long run.
  • Establishing Mutual Development as Corporate Culture
    We spread consensus on mutual development and support establishment of the culture of mutual development with SMEs.
  • Forming Strategic Partnership with Suppliers
    - Strategic partnership through R&D and investment expansion.
    - Improved satisfaction by running mutual development programs centered around stakeholders.
    - Promotion of strategic cooperation through Outstanding SME System.
  • Entering the Global Market Through Mutually Beneficial Partnerships
    - Enhanced capabilities of employees at SMEs.
    - Boosting the technological and innovation competence of outstanding SMEs to the global level.