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Dear visitors,
A warm welcome to all of you visiting the POSCO M-Tech website.
POSCO M-Tech began as a company specialized in steel packaging. Based on our expertise accumulated over the years, we demonstrate solid competitiveness in steel product packaging, packaging facility engineering and the production of supplementary materials for steel.

To prepare for another 50 years of incredible growth, we will strengthen the foundation of our R&D and sales for packaging facilities, maintain the maximum production of aluminum deoxidizers and the sales system, and continue developing technology for sintered manganese ores and expanding the supply of molten manganese to, ultimately, enhance our competitiveness and advance the business structure.

We will set bold goals and continue to innovate and develop our core capabilities. In addition, in sharing the group vision, “With POSCO”, we will strive to become a trusted company that exists harmoniously with stakeholders and fulfills its social responsibility.

Join us in our journey as we leap forward to shape a better future.
Thank you.
POSCO M-Tech CEO Hee-geun Lee