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Health & Safety Management Policy
Recognizing the health and safety of all people we work together with as the top priority in company management, all employees and stakeholders of POSCO M-Tech actively practices the following.
  • - The management continuously expresses their will to establish a culture of health and safety and set appropriate examples.
  • - We always share health and safety goals and values with management, employees, business partners and staff.
  • - We assign health and safety activities as a major responsibility of all executives and employees, and conduct proper training.
  • - We secure a healthy and safe work environment at all stages of our workplace.
  • - We clearly recognize health and safety-related laws and company policies and faithfully comply with them.
  • - We identify health and safety risks in advance, take corrective actions, and continuously check and improve our work processes.
  • - We establish an internal communication system that enables workers to propose and discuss health and safety issues.
Feb 1, 2021 POSCO M-Tech CEO
Safety and Health Certificate (KOSHA)