Vision of POSCO M-Tech
We will contribute to humanity as a company specializing in global packaging and supplementary material for steel.
A global leader in smart packaging and supplementary materials for steel.
  • Safety
    Achieving an accident-free workplace where not even a single hair on an employee’s head is harmed
  • Environment
    Leading the way in ESG management
  • Innovation
    A company where its members work to improve things everyday
  • Competitiveness
    A competitive company that can survive in any business environment
  • Trust and Care
    A heart-warming company with an organizational culture of trust and care
core competencies
  • Communication
    Labor-management stability based on communication and trust
  • Expertise
    The competency of our employees is the future of our company
  • Pride and Dignity
    Employee's personal self-esteem and pride in the company Up
Always Happy POSCO M-TECH