Fair Trade

CEO Message
Dear visitors, I am POSCO M-Tech CEO
POSCO M-Tech introduced a Voluntary Fair Trade Compliance Program in 2006 and has since been implementing activities that promote compliance with fair trade laws.

In recent years, fair trade laws have been intensified with fair trade now being recognized as one of the most important indicators in ESG management, which is also gaining a lot of social interest today.
* ESG : Environmental, social and governance

Following this social trend, POSCO M-Tech is making its utmost efforts to establish fair and transparent order in trade for sustainable growth.

To that end, we are voluntarily operating a Compliance Program (CP) that serves as the foundation for the culture of fair trade. We have also prepared fair trade standards and procedures for effective implementation of fair trade practices.

With firm determination to practice compliance, all POSCO M-Tech executives and employees will abide by laws and ethics faithfully to become a company that is trusted and respected by our customers.

And as the CEO, I will do my part to focus my attention and efforts in supporting these goals.

Thank you.

January 2, 2024