Corporate Governance

Strengthening Shareholder Rights and Interests
Strengthening Shareholder Rights and Interests
  • · We have adopted an eVoting System starting with the 45th annual general meeting of shareholders to enhance convenience and transparency when shareholders exercise their voting rights (Mar 2019).
  • · Business reports and audit reports are disclosed electronically a week before the annual general meeting of shareholders and kept at the head office and each branch.

Voting Rights Status of the General Shareholder’s Meeting (2023)
(Unit: 1,000 shares)
Category Number of Shares Issued Number of Voting Shares Number of Stocks Held by Shareholders Present at the General Meeting of Shareholders Event Rates
In Korea 40,708 39,950 20,423 51.12%
Abroad 935 934 498 53.32%
Total 41,643 40,884 20,921 51.17%

Transparent and Balanced Operation of BOD
  • · The BOD is comprised of four members (two inside directors, one other non-executive director, and one outside director).
  • · Directors are appointed at the general meeting of shareholders, and are recommended to the general meeting of shareholders after reviewing whether they do not fall under any of the disqualification requirements stipulated in the Commercial Act and the Enforcement Decree of the same Act.
  • · Regular board meetings are to be held in January, February, April, July, October, and December, and details of the main activities of the BOD are to be disclosed on the business report.
Members of the Board
  • Beom-su Jeong, CEO
    • Date
      2024. 3. 25
    • Tenure
      2024. 3 ~ 2025. 3
    • Career
      Director of Production Technology Strategy, POSCO
      Deputy Manager of Facilities, POSCO Gwangyang Steelworks
  • Won-Joon Jang, Inside Director
    • Date
      2024. 3. 25
    • Tenure
      2024. 3 ~ 2025. 3
    • Career
      Department Head, PT. KRAKATAU POSCO
      Head of Steel Planning Department, POSCO
  • Sang-yong Kim, Non-Executive Director
    • Date
      2024. 3. 25
    • Tenure
      2024. 3 ~ 2025. 3
    • Career
      Head of Business Planning Office, POSCO
      Group Leader of Jeongdo Management Office, POSCO
  • Seong-joon Kim, External Director
    • Date
      2024. 3. 25
    • Tenure
      2024. 3 ~ 2026. 3
    • Career
      Dean of the School of Eco-Friendly Materials, POSTECH
      President of The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials
Board Resolutions
Session Date Agenda Result
1 01. 26 Approval of the 50th financial statements and business reports, agreement on comprehensive credit limits with financial institutions, setting of dividend record date, Sale of POSCO Humans shares, disposal of treasury shares for 2022 executive stock compensation Passed
2 03. 04 Convocation of the 50th Regular General Meeting of Shareholders, decision on reporting items and agenda items Passed
3 03. 25 Appointment of CEO, assignment of Internal Director positions, adjustment of executive compensation operating standards, 2024 Safety and Health Plan, closure of the Gangneung Okgye factory branch Passed

Audit Independence
  • · Composed of one standing auditor according to Article 409 (Appointment) of the Commercial Act and Article 44 (Audit) of the Articles of Incorporation.
  • · Inspection is conducted by forming an independent Audit Division under the Audit Group according to Chapter 2 (Organization, Responsibilities and Rights) of the Company’s internal audit regulations.
Audit Status
Category Name Appointment Date Appointment Method Tenure
Standing Auditor Jin-young Kim Mar 31, 2022 regular shareholders' meeting Three years
External Auditors
Appointment Status
Corporate Name Appointment Date of the External Auditor Contract Terms Recent Audit Feedbacks
Anjin Accounting Corporation Dec 12, 2023 2024.1.1 ~ 2024.12.31 -
Whether the Best Practices Are Applied in Corporate Governance
Recommendations Based on Best Practices Whether Adopted or Not
Introduction of the Corporate Governance Charter
Introduction of Employee Ethics Regulations
Disclosure of BOD activity details, Disclosure of attendance rate, and whether they agree with major agenda items.
Introduction of regulations on the roles and operation process of BOD and various committees.
Joining of director’s liability insurance for damages at the Company’s expense.
Maintaining independence of outside auditors.
Approval of the accuracy and completeness of the financial report by the CEO and the person in charge.
Explanation on the difference with the best practices.
Disclosure in both Korean and English of audit reports and important regular notifications.
* Audit reports and important ad hoc disclosures are announced in Korean.