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Logistics and packaging line system tailored to customers
POSCO M-Tech strives to build a packaging line system customized to fit your needs. We apply a range of logistics methods to our steel coil packaging lines and aluminum large/small coil packaging lines, and provide an efficient packaging system in consideration of complex factors, such as the arrangement of packaging materials and how workers move in the line.
POSCO M-Tech has established a system that provides a total solution to offer customized services necessary for the packaging business through an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract.
Total Solution Provider (TSP)
By combining 40 years of experience in the steel packaging business and maintenance technology with engineering capabilities, we provide an efficient, customer-oriented packaging system.
Busan Plant, Dongkuk Steel
Application case for the No.1 APL packing line (2019)
Yeongju Plant, Novelis Korea
Application case for the large aluminum coil packing line (2014)
POSCO M-Tech helps you use the work space efficiently and enhances your work environment. We strive to provide you with a safer and more efficient packing facility by securing quality competitiveness, improving production efficiency, and lowering costs, such as materials and logistics costs.
Building on our operation and maintenance know-how with POSCO packing lines, we provide a continuous flow of services, through superb customer care, help desk, facility upgrades, and by offering optimum spare and wear parts.
  • Low Cost
  • Quality
  • Safer Workplace
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