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An integrated production system from the securing of mineral resources and smelting to materials.
Ferro manganese is an alloy of iron and manganese. It removes impurities, such as oxygen or sulfur in the production of steel products, and improves the properties of steel.
It is used when producing high-quality steel products, including advanced automobile plates and high-manganese steel, depending on the amount of ferromanganese impurities (carbon, phosphorus) included, the characteristics and usage.
  • Fe-Mn(Ferro Manganese)
    Used to eliminate impurities, such as deoxidation and desulfurization, in the defrost process.
    Mn 73% min
    C 7.3% min
    Si 1.2% max
    P 0.2% max
    S 0.02% max
    1MT PP Bag / 250kg Steel Drum
    Jung-chul Kim